Monday, December 6, 2010

open hands

I recently experienced something that made this image to my right very real for me. I thought that the Lord had done such a work in my life, that I felt like I had freely given Him so much of my life that there was little I still held very tightly to, boy was I wrong! How evident that became when he asked me for more. At first I fought the idea of giving HIM more, not like it wasn't his to begin with, but still in my finite mind I fought it. But I realized I am not entitled to anything, I have been given these things as a gift and in that remains every right for him to ask for more. So as he gently pryed back my fingers I got to say yet again, "I trust you with this, even if you take it away". And that I guess is the sweetest part of letting go of things you love is that He will do immeasurable more with my dreams, hopes, and desires than I could! I was talking with my best friend the other day about how the stage of life we find ourselves in, is going to continue to call us to trust the Lord with more. But not only will we have to trust Him with more, but also bigger things as well. And while that seems daunting some days, what I relief that ultimately someone who is so trustworthy is holding it all. So all I really know is that I want my everyday life to identify with this picture open handed, ready and willing to freely give and take whatever the Lord may ask of me. And what a sweet joy when He calls us to trust him with more and more!

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