Thursday, November 25, 2010


So I know that on today, of all days, I just add to the list of people with really trendy blogs about thankfulness and the like. But I beg to differ, because we should live our lives in a way that daily allows us to look back with appreciation for the many, rich blessings the Lord has bestowed on us, and so that's what I aim to do today list a few of the people that I am thankful for. As I think the obvious comes to mind. The picture at left is a excellent example... my family is one of the riches blessings I will ever get to experience on this earth. My dad, is a God-fearing, unwavering leader of my family. Who daily models for us and those who come in contact with him the love of our Savior. He is my father and friend, and I could not ask for a better person to fill those roles. My mother, is a prayer warrior to the nth degree, she fights for me when I don't have the ability to fight for myself. She is compassionate, warm, and welcoming to all that she knows. My brother, what man of God he is, who daily inspires me to love and trust my savior more, just by watching him model it for me. So while my family would be more than enough to spend a life full of thankfulness there is more that I am thankful for today! Under the picture of my family is three of my very best friends, each of who hold irreplaceable places in my life. The one at top is Dani, a dear, sweet friend who has blessed my life since I was a junior in high school. Her friendship, has been a life changing! She is a friend who even this fall picked up from Texas to come be by my side in a moment when I needed her most! To say I am thankful for her doesn't even do it justice. In the picture below is my two sweet friends Mackenzie and Nattiel, with me at my senior thesis. They are great friends not only because of the amount of dance concerts they attended... but because of the way their friendship has been inspiring and nurturing to my heart. Mackenzie was an instant friend from the moment I meet her my freshman year. Since then we have walked side by side experiencing the sweetest community. She is a constant driving force and one of the richest blessings of friendship I will ever experience. Nattiel, is one of the most compassionate women I have ever meet. She bears the burden of her friends and family, just because of her love for them. She is a intent listener and genuinely offers advice. The last picture I tried to load wouldn't load but it was a picture of Stephanie Lee, Aubrey Agnor, Michelle Sipes, and Jennifer Blessing, four women who still to this day form a sweet community, full of rich laughter, joy, a shared love for the gift of dance and worshiping our savior. These women time and time again though miles apart, different stages of life, and time separate us I know that they are friends who have  forever blessed my life. So while I know it is easy to be thankful on a day like today! I know that these people I listed are people I thank the Lord daily, who time and time again come alongside me and love me beyond what I could ask for or need. I am thankful, grateful, and blessed.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My Thoughts...

I rarely go into a post with little to no direction as to where it will go... but that's where i find myself tonight so here I go, world you have my thoughts. Its kinda scary, huh?? The nature of what I do gives me quite the time to think through out the days and I am thankful for that right now. Thankful that I am allowed time to process, breath deeply, and rest in the fact that I am in the hands of a God that loves me and desires the best, at any cost. I have to admit that just because this last season I walked through has been difficult, I think that, that somehow qualities me to know what "at any cost" really means. I don't, and while it has been a challenging season, one which I have learned so much, I still live a rich life, full of people who love me well, I have a job, a roof over my head, and the ability to laugh deeply and often. I serve a God who is gracious and tender. I am blessed! And that is what overwhelms my thoughts and my heart tonight, not life changing, not profoundly deep, but its my thoughts.